Photo credit: Evelyn Pecori

Photo credit: Evelyn Pecori

I believe there is another way to reproduce our societies. Trying to figure out how has become somewhat a mission in life.

Noticing that some actors in the coffee industry were choosing to do things very differently, a list of questions popped up: what are they doing, what drives them, and how does it impact people and nature? That became my PhD project in Human Geography at the University of Oslo. The project is funded by the Research Council's scheme "Environmental Reserach for a Green Transition" (Miljøforsk).

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My Story

Hi, my name is Milda Jonusaite Nordbø. I am 30 years old, I am stubborn, optimistic and overly obsessed with fairness. 

I was born and raised in Lithuania, teenaged in Norway, and studied in South Africa. In addition to being a coffee fan, I really care about our planet, and the people on it. 

Nature had been a lovely backdrop that I took for granted until I met a wild professor, Harald Witt. He changed the way I see the world.

At the age of 23 I realised that I could not share my best childhood memories with my future children: kayaking in the wild Lithuanian forests (they are just changing too fast).



This website is a collection of stories I write while trying to understand what is becoming.

In the media list below you can find things from my life before coffee.

For now, thank you for visiting, and welcome back for weekly updates! 

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