Human first, then researcher

Photo: Kristy Carlson

Photo: Kristy Carlson

You know that one year that both flies and never ends. The year you cry, grow, laugh, push and come out on the other side alive and more. When people ask about the most memorable year of your life, that is the year. 2017 was that for me. I interned for Long Miles Coffee Project and observed life along the way. That is how I did my PhD research. I pushed to beyond what I thought was possible. At some point, I was so tired that I could not image making it through another day, only to find out that I could and did.

Once you come out on the other side, you can never go back to the life you once used to live. I have seen, heard, felt and experienced far beyond my wildest imagination. I am spending my days trying to make sense of it all. That is my job while on a PhD venture, and I love it. So many thoughts pop up, but most fade away. Only one out of hundred ideas get developed and eventually turn into an academic text aimed at few readers. That is the currency I have to deliver to prove my worth as a scholar. Somehow, the human aspect of this process is often ignored. Actually, as researchers we are still taught that our human dimensions are in the way of producing objective science. I do not agree. I am human first, and that is my strength as a researcher. So much work goes into this process unnoticed, or actually tucked away to hide parts of it. I thought I would rather share preliminary thoughts and ideas that pop up along the way. That is a vulnerable place to be, but I will give it a try. Feel free to ask and comment. 

PS. If you read the next post and find that it contradicts this one; I have and will continue to find a way to keep them safe.